Turnkey Project Services

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Suzlon is well placed to assist its clients in overall wind power project delivery through an end-to-end, turnkey project service suite or selective service offering based on the client and the project requirement.
Suzlon's project services range from complex front-end engineering design to construction; from installation to commissioning. Our rich expertise in successful installations of over 18,000 MW across 18 countries, Suzlon covers an entire gamut of customer requirements across the value chain. Moreover, its global expertise in project execution assures the customer of best-in-class wind parks delivering high reliability and consistent energy generation.

Suzlon’s project services and solutions stand apart from others because of:

  • Proven track record of successfully constructing and managing customized wind parks
  • Coverage of diverse climatic zones and site complexities
  • Strong front-end engineering
  • Interface management skills
  • An in-house talent pool of its multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, global workforce

Wind resource assessment

Suzlon provides assistance in identification of windy sites, wind park layout designing, model suitability and selection – the science of assessing wind patterns to determine their optimally best positions and model。

Suzlon's expertise and experience ensure that wind turbine generators are set up in the most appropriate wind conditions after assessing the following:

  • Identification of windy sites
  • Wind park layout designing
  • In-depth study of the site’s wind and climate characteristics
  • Terrain type and its influence on wind flow over the site
  • Optimal layout design, maximizing production while optimising project development costs
  • Assessment of expected annual energy prognosis from the wind park

Wind Park Delivery Process

  • Design engineering and development of BoP infrastructure
  • Grid connection
  • Installation and commissioning

Land sourcing and approvals

A wind project’s life cycle begins by acquiring land resources. Suzlon provides assistance in the following areas of developing a wind park:

  • Identifying and acquiring land
  • Legal due diligence of acquired land
  • Acquiring legal rights and permissions for wind park development
  • Obtaining clearances and permissions from relevant government authorities
  • Assessing factors such as environmental impact, zone restrictions, and aesthetics

Infrastructure development

Windy sites are often in remote areas, far from existing power infrastructure. Suzlon has the expertise in creating local infrastructure in such remote areas and implementing the following:

  • Land levelling and laying the foundation for wind turbines
  • Erection of buildings to house manpower and equipment
  • Operations and maintenance facilities
  • Laying down cables and establishing pooling substations
  • Road network to approach the site

Balance of Plant (BoP) management


Installation & Commissioning / Erection, Testing & Commissioning

Suzlon has extensive experience in erecting and commissioning wind turbine projects. These installations are being carried out under extreme climatic conditions and difficult terrains.

Suzlon ensures that quality and safety measures are implemented with zero-tolerance during the erection of a wind turbine. Critical inspections are undertaken at every stage to ensure compliance with the different location-oriented requirements of setting up a wind project.

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