Renewable Energy Services

Suzlon is one of the world's largest and leading producers of Wind Turbines Generators (WTGs) that carry the hallmark of reliability and sustainability。 Along with its world-class products, Suzlon offers a range of services that complement the products and help to derive maximum efficiency from them。 Suzlon Reliability (SURE services) is Suzlon’s assurance of dependability at every stage of investment, which is a suite of services designed to ensure optimum performance, higher yields and maximum return on investment。

Suzlon currently is the custodian of WTG assets worth more than 11 billion USD globally. It is using advanced infrastructure to service 12000 WTGs* with a total installed capacity of over 18000 MW*. The first WTG installed more than 20 years ago is still working with an excellent track record with the right kind of monitoring. Suzlon has more than ~2.5 million cumulative hours of servicing experience on this WTG.

Suzlon has the necessary competence to service a diversified portfolio — ranging from a 225 kW plant to a 2,100 kW. Approximately 3700* people worldwide are employed in the exercise of monitoring the WTGs and ensuring that they run efficiently.
(* Data as on 1 January 2018)
Suzlon also provides OMS for its commissioned solar energy projects.
Explore Suzlon’s range of service offerings:

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