Suzlon Energy Australia (SEA) has been a dependable partner in supplying equipment and completing wind farm construction in Australia for almost two decades。 SEA is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) that stands behind its commitment to be there for the entire project lifecycle。

SEA is a pioneer in the Australian wind energy market。 It had humble beginnings in 2004 - starting out with just two employees。 Since then, SEA has increased its strength to over 50 employees currently。

SEA holds 17% share of the Australian wind energy market, bringing a long-standing commitment to every aspect of wind energy production in the Australian continent. The company has installed 362 units of S88-2.1 MW Wind Turbines, one unit of S95 and one unit of S97 prototype. SEA is excited to offer the Australian market the latest turbine configurations which are now approaching 4 MW per wind turbine with the latest advances in grid stability and control, confirming Suzlon’s commitment to all Australians, for a stable and economical electricity supply.

Today, SEA has capabilities to supply and install complete wind turbine solutions。 Suzlon Australia’s operational headquarters are in Melbourne, Victoria。 The Australian office houses its Australian operations for business development, supply chain, service and maintenance, engineering support, finance, HR, QHSE and a 24/7 Australian-based Systems Monitoring。

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Suzlon Energy Australia
1/182-184 Stawell St,
Burnley VIC 3121
Contact: (03) 8415 8900
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